How flexible is your decorating operation? Could it use an upgrade? During the month of February, receive 10% off the most flexible pad printer on the market, the AT-XYZ. This machine was introduced in 2011 and has been a customer favorite for it's capabilities (up to 4 colors), flexibility (servo drives to allow stopping on any point of the product), and operational ability (Control all functions of the machine at the touch of a button). For more information contact us at or call us at (239) 659-2515.

Monday: #MediaMonday – Feel free to share any media that pertains to pad printing, as we will be posting photos of our equipment, supplies, and operations

Tuesday: #TuesdaysTips – We will be sharing helpful tips to you every Tuesday that will help with different aspects of pad printing. Feedback is always encouraged and any helpful tips that you have learned throughout your experiences, please share them with us.

Wednesday: #WhatsPrintingWednesday – Sharing with the pad printing community some of the capabilities of pad printing by showing current product trends and applications

Thursday: #10%Thursday – Who doesn’t like savings? On Thursdays, we will share with you a deal that will only last 24 hours savings you 10% on equipment and supplies.

Friday: #FunFriday – Fridays we will share pictures and media to help you get to know us better. We are always trying to find ways to bring together the pad printing community and this is a fun way to do it. Feel free to participate and keep us up to date on getting to know our customers better.

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