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Welcome to the Autotran File Uploader!

1) After you have logged in, you will be able to select a file for uploading.
2) After selecting the file, you must enter the correctly-matching CAPTCHA code.
3) After entering the Case Sensitive code, you must click the Upload File... -button.
4) If your code matches ExAcTLy, the box will turn green and your upload will begin.
5) Please be patient while your file uploads (longer for larger files) and do not leave the page...

A) If your upload was successful, you will be redirected to a Success! -page.
B) If the page resets, the file upload failed. Please review the file size & allowable extension info. If your CAPTCHA code is wrong, you will get an error, please review the code carefully and try again...

PLEASE NOTE: The maximum allowable file size is 32 Meg, and only the following file-types/extensions listed below are supported...

  •   .jpg image

  •   .jpeg image

  •   .png image

  •   .ai (Adobe Illustrator)

  •   .bmp (Windows Bitmap)

  •   .doc (Microsoft Word)

  •   .pdf (Adobe Acrobat)

  •   .psd (Adobe Photoshop)

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